Creative Living Home Solutions
Creative Living Home Solutions

Why Choose Us?

  • Craftsmanship still exists and at Creative Living Home Solutions we pride ourselves in using  quality materials and delivering a finished product which you can count on for years to come

  • At Creative Living Home Solutions Communications is very important.  We’ll  keep you informed of any defects or issues encountered in order to determine the best course of action or remedy required. We feel it’s important that you are aware and part of the process, sometimes what’s behind the wall is more important than the actual visual of the finished job.

  • Creative Living Home Solutions makes your solution easy and hassle free by being your single point of contact for all your needs.  As your representative we will ensure things are done right .

  • Creative Living Home Solutions  provides a written quote and contract of the work that will be done giving you peace of mind that we will do what we said we would do for the price quoted and have it delivered in a timely fashion.

  • Creative Living Home Solutions endeavors to be Environmentally Responsible and makes every effort to sort and recycle what can be reused.

  • Making changes can be messy, we always strive to leave the premises as clean as possible

  • Insured to protect your property while the work is being done giving you peace of mind each step of the way

  • Trust is important and must be earned. Our Repeat customers speak to the level of trust we provide. Rest assured you are dealing with a company that does what it says when it says it will for the price agreed upon. Our reputation is important to us.